We offer glocalized perspectives and insights to help build accountable leadership and engender active citizen agency.

Pan African Center For Social Development and Accountability


In addition to our regional and national initiatives, PACSDA’s work targets direct community interventions where we demonstrate the impact of our theory of change.

Every year, PACSDA in partnership with its network of community actors, leaders and organizations implement project activities that are supported through core resources, blended finance, grants and ad hoc sources. These projects are non-partisan, non-religious and non-profit. We also engage in small grants administration to civil society including for capacity strengthening, whilst conducting advocacy and providing technical assistance to the public sector for increased civil society engagement and partnership.


Progress 2020 - 2021 21%

‘MyLGAWorks’ is a Social Media Accountability Tool (App) –– with features enabling 1,000,000 citizens ensure transparent, accountable and corruption free local government administration, that is effective in creating equitable economic opportunities to end poverty, improve primary education and health care, expand basic infrastructure, and ensure participatory democracy.

This is a comparative statistical database, scorecards and the youth policy monitor app, ( used to generate evidence for use by stakeholders in demanding for youth inclusion at all levels implementing the national strategic revenue growth initiative 2019-2023

A digitized Platform ( that captures and document CSO contribution to SDG 2030 implementation at all levels.

A digital platform created ( to provide data and useful information on regulatory, legal, market analytics for doing business in different African countries. This will enhance the Ecosystem for ease of doing business in Africa and also provide business support services to individuals especially youths.

We publish this peer-review journal addressing topical issues impacting on accelerating Youth empowerment in Africa.

Youth Enterprise and Ecosystem Promotion
Progress 2020 - 2021 5%

5,000 youth will have the opportunity to enhance their capacity in design thinking to convert their ideas, talents into products and services fit for consumer and market needs.

70,000 youth entrepreneurs will have enhanced tools for doing business beyond national boundaries by 2022 with the use of the online directory for Youth entrepreneurs, benefiting from the African Continental Free Trade Area 

10,000 youth entrepreneurs increased consumer base and access to market at intra-africa trade levels through a ThinkExportLABS

700 youth enterprises reporting break even and retaining profits by 2025 consequently expand their business and employ new staff.

Country Technical Assistance Mechanism (CTAM)
Progress 2020 - 2022 30%

We have established a national forum/network of professional youth workers with the aim to promote the introduction of youth studies as a specialized area of study and maintain an African Youth Experts database

We develop Technical guidance notes, toolkits and provide inputs through consultations, and exchange on a) Youth Sector reviews, b) Policy compliance assessment, c) System wide Youth mainstreaming.

We provide models, best practices and case studies, draft documents, working papers and pilot phase curation and management on a) Youth Investment Plans for Demographic Dividend, b) Youth Volunteer Initiatives; c) Youth Development Funds, d) Entrepreneurship ecosystems

We conduct operational research, process evaluation and performance assessment.

Combating Inequalities
Progress 2020 -2022 50%

Sub-granting to local partners engaging 500 adolescents and youth with disabilities to gain social and economic skills for improved livelihood in rural communities

Sub-granting local partners working with young 7,000 vulnerable and social minority groups of adolescent and youth to enhance their livelihood skills, talent development and economic opportunities as means of self actualization

Annual grant awards to 50 youth champions as recognition for surviving against all odds and leading grassroots change in communities across Africa

Addressing incidence of sexual violence including rape and child rights abuse in all of its ramifications amongst persons internally displaced as victims of domestic terrorism and conflict in Northern Nigeria


The Founder Emmanuel Etim, before establishing PACSDA worked for a combined 15 years as Regional Youth Specialist in the Office of UNFPA Representative to the African Union, ECA and RECs; then as Senior Technical Adviser for Global Partnerships and Programme Implementation at the African Union Commission and then as Regional Coordinator for the Global Fund Advocates Network – Africa. 



The Pan African Center For Social Development and Accountability (PACSDA) was established in response to the call by Conference of African Ministers responsible for youth in 2011, on the earnest need for technical and financial assistance in order to fulfill their obligations to implement, report on progress, gaps and challenges with regards to participatory comprehensive, effective, coherent and efficient National Development Programs and Plans.

As a registered Incorporated Trustee RC 85203 founded by Emmanuel Etim in 2012 operating Africa-wide, we serve as an intermediary technical partner in support of the Africa We Want- Agenda2063, of the African Union and its Commission, including the Regional Economic Commission.


Engr. Wilcox Onyemekeihia
Technology Advisor
Onyekachi Nwafor, CFAO
Finance & Operations Manager
Fitsum Lakew
Resident Rep. to AU, UNECA & RECs